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Friday, January 31, 2014

The Story Behind "Inspiration"

During my Introduction to Creative Writing course we would often do exercises to help strengthen ourselves as writers. We were given prompts and given a little bit of class time to write based on that subject. One time, for the fiction side of the class, we were given the prompt: “Describe a character, as fully as possible, who might own all of the following items: Ballet Slippers, A Lava Lamp, Army Dog Tags, and A Grandfather Clock.”

Maybe one day I’ll post what I came up with for that prompt, but what I’ve already posted is my response to a poetry-prompt. For this one we were told to write two stanzas. The first stanza’s lines could only have three syllables each, and for the second stanza each line had to be 20 syllables. I liked what I did so much that I decided to submit it in the final portfolio for the semester which landed me a 94 and helped seal the A I got in the class. 

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