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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Melloh Yelloh, Part 4

Melloh Yelloh

Yay! It’s eight o’ clock?!
Intersecting lines divide us not
but still they cut our hands in two
and stapled our earloves to our neck.
They also melted our shoes to our feet,
I have no idea what the above sentence means.
Too bad I can’t help you out
for I feel like there is much I do not know:
like the reason for unicorn’s existence.
I ran to the lake for an evening piss,
I didn’t even see that shark.

Melloh Yelloh

Yay! It’s eight o’clock?!
And the noose is tight.
Another day, another victim.
Ever delay what has already been written;
what has already been bought
was bought by my dead hamster
who apparently had the money to buy it.
He won the lottery last week
and now he’s homeless
because his writing was too much for those to handle.
Gotta catch them all!

Melloh Yelloh

Yay! It’s eight o’clock?!
I finally found my llama;
I left it in the front pouch of my backpack,
it was cold so I put it there to stay warm.
This will not be the most brilliant thing I’ve ever written.
If anyone is brilliant, it’s not me.
“I feel like all my writing is always not up to par,”
is what she said,
“bitches always giving me head!”
I have no idea where they get them from – maybe the morgue?

Yeah, probably the morgue.

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