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Monday, January 20, 2014

Love Knife, Revised

He says, “I need you my dear for now
till the end of time. You are my strength,
you are my love.” The kiss he gives her
lights up the night; from his coat he pulls
a knife and slits her throat. I see it
through the rose colored windows
through the rose colored windows
through the blood stained windows.

Corpse in the tub
drenched in her blood.
The shower’s on
to make her clean;
prepared for hell.
Empty her veins,
she feels no pain.
Have I lost my

mind is on fire, should I turn away.
The very image before me hits
me like a freight train. I try to look
from the horror before me, but I
find myself turn to her on the floor.
This sight starts my mind racing;
yes, my mind is still racing.
I’m anticipating!

What should I do?
My life has changed;
I know the truth.
Where should I go?
Drama unfolds
this scene’s not done,
I’ll just stay here;
my show for one.

He says, “I needed you dear to make
me whole,” and from my voyeur chair I
can’t help feeling cold. Beside the tub
he drops to his knees to kiss her dead
lips, my heart drops wanting one more hit.
Why do I want to see death?
Do I need to see death?
I need to see death.

His job now done:
the body clean
he leaves the scene,
this scene serene,
walks out the door.
I just want more.
We all want more,

We all want more.

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