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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Melloh Yellow, Part 1

Melloh Yelloh
Yay! It’s eight o’ clock!?
Time for someone to make a hilarious grand entrance into class
taking time to delay the seriousness that never lasts.
So we find our llamas.
They were waiting for us in the hallways,
because they weren’t invited to the classroom.
They begin a conversation and become good friends
then turn one of them gets punched in the heart;
because they think they know it all,
for example: the purpose of unicorns
is a lighter form of porn.

Melloh Yelloh

Yay! It’s eight o’ clock?!
Which now we are all gathered
around the loading dock.
I find the man, Spock.
“Dear God, Spock,” I say. “What’s with the goatee?”
He replies, “I’m a goat of course.”
Well, he was the most handsome goat I ever did see,
but I usually like sheep.
They put me to sleep in the best way;
a solid thump to the head.
And buried in the New Jersey soil.

Melloh Yelloh

Yay! It’s eight o’clock!?
I can’t wait to get to class
and get some ASS!
Speaking of which, there’s always some downtown,
but I don’t go there anymore because I’ll get mugged and shot
because everyone on the street is both greedy and sadistic;
wrapped in themselves.
I love pigs in a blanket.
Well, maybe just the blankets
on the floor with the vodka,

and happy as ever.

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