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Monday, January 13, 2014

Melloh Yelloh, Part 3

Melloh Yelloh

Yay! It’s eight o’clock?
I slump down in my chair,
“Did I remember to comb my hair,
what happened last night?
and where the hell are my pants?
I may have left them in the park by Hobo Jim.
But then again I could just have a terrible memory
of things that should always be forgotten;
and llamas that will never be found. =,(
Cursed be those who hunt llamas!
May those who are cursed be sentenced to hell!

Melloh Yelloh

Yay! It’s eight o’clock?!
Trying to get myself ready to go
for a long day of classes.
A wild Pikachu appears!
Rua, my yellow little friend!
You remind me of a little yellow spaceship,
until I look hard enough, then you’re more of a hue of orange.
Though don’t get me wrong – it’s still an awful colour on you –
it’s as though someone got sick and blew
chocolate gravy all over
Oh shit! I’m allergic to chocolate!

Melloh Yelloh

Yay! It’s eight o’clock?!
What am I doing awake,
should I be somewhere right now?
Heh heh, probably
or maybe not, I don’t know.
Either way, it’s a fucking shame
describes scenes that never come.
Writes her own because the professionals are shit heads;
Literally, they have shit in their heads.
How quaint.

Perhaps they’ll be tomorrow coming.

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