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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Story Behind "Bloodletting"

I’m torn on my feeling about this Social Fallout song. I enjoy it but I feel it’s a little too different from the rest of Social Fallout’s material. I also feel like some of my lyrics are a little too cliché. At the same time, this is also one of my angriest songs lyrically, and the lyrics serve the title in a personal sense for me. I was going through some personal issues where I felt that I was getting screwed from many different directions. I wanted to put my frustrations to song while being vague about my personal situations.

Another reason I’m proud about this particular track is the fact that it doesn’t contain any cursing. I wrong this around the time that Mushroomhead released XIII, and they created that album with no cursing. Seether’s Karma & Effect was also an album that had come out recently that contained no cursing. The choice to avoid cursing wasn’t a moral choice, I don’t find anything wrong in cursing; this was merely an artistic decision. I felt that using curse words would be an easy way out artistically and it was best for me artistically to avoid that.

While I do in retrospect find this song to be a bit of a mess (our attempt at progressive hard rock/metal that became more meandering than anything), I’m still proud of our attempt at experimentation. This song also probably took the longest to finish of all the songs that we did. I had a hard time finding the melody for the track, and the bridge was particularly difficult, which explains why I decided to devolve into screaming it besides giving those lyrics emphasis. You can catch the originally recording of the track as it appeared on Chapter 1: Peaceful Aggression below.

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