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Friday, October 4, 2013

The Soul of Andrew Scott, Part 5

“I don’t know, I’ve had some wild fantasies,” Andrew replied, a dumbass smirk on his face.
“Trust me, the whores of LA ain’t got nothin’ on what I have in store for you. You think you’ve seen heaven, but what you really want is one hell of a ride, and I can give you that. My dreams will make your hair stand on end and when you get off the roller coaster you’ll compare those drugs you took in the past to aspirin. The girls there will never leave you wanting more because they’ll never be more than a cock thrust away. And you want fame, no you think you want fame, but here there will be true adoration. These people will never forsake you, not like your parents did. And your parents! Your parents will be sorry, Andrew, sorry they ever doubted you. Sorry they ever destroyed your CD collection and threw your porn collection in the fireplace back in ‘98. Sorry they ever considered military school as an option for you when you came home drunk after that night of hangin’ with Dennis. You can watch them burn Andrew, in my dreams, which I will give to you, you can watch your parents burn and you can light the fire Andrew.”
The look on Scott’s face was so priceless that it took all that I had within me to keep from laughing out loud. Sheep don’t look that terrified when they’re being compelled to throw themselves off a cliff.
“How d’you know about all that? I never told noone about that shit!”
“I know you haven’t. I know because I’ve been watching you.”
“What, you like that peepin’ Tom shit?”
“At this moment I’m going to request that you shut your mouth, drink your drink, and raise your hand before spoken to. I don’t want to treat you like a cum filled grade school child, but you really don’t want to piss me off.” Naturally, at my instance Mr. Scott took a sip of his Jack and placed his hands politely in his lap. “I’m not some sick voyeur, but I’m purveyor of souls, so to speak. I seek out likeminded individuals that I feel need to be enlightened. This may be well over your head, Andrew, but I kept tabs on you from a very early age. I really began to take interest in you, though, when you were thirteen. Do you recall what happened when you were thirteen, Andrew?”
Andrew nodded slightly, it looked like he was about to cry; like a dumb puppy who just had his nose rubbed in the floor he just pissed on. I was having the time of my existence.
“Don’t worry I’m not going to tell anyone. Jennifer didn’t either. She cried every night for the rest of her miserable life after what you did. No need to tell you how that ended. Personally, I thought it took massive stones for you to do what you did, and I applauded it then, and every life decision you made since then. After all, that’s why we’re here today.”
Andrew timidly raised his hand. I nodded. “Why are we here?”
“So you can officially join my ranks, and so I can show you the wonders of the world. We’d make quite the team, you and I. You’ve got a little evil in you, and some would say I’m evil incarnate.”
“Who are you anyway?”
“Need you ask? You’ve known who I was since the moment I walked in here. That’s why you came over, isn’t it? To find out the truth, to see if I was real?”
“I s’pose. So what you want from me?”
I leaned back in my chair and feigned contemplating exactly what I wanted. Needless to say I had my mind made up for years. I wasn’t going to tell him I was looking for another notch on my belt though. “I want you.”
“Me? Ain’t you got enough people, why you need me?”
“Who said anything about need? I always want one more, each person is unique, special. There are things I can get from you that I can’t get from anyone else. Who knows if I’ll ever use you, but I like knowing I got reserves all around the world in case the sticky meets the icky. So what I want is your allegiance. I don’t just want part of you: I want your entire being. I may never call on you, but I want you ready if I do and if I do, you come without hesitation.”
“Alright, and what do I get in return?”
I slowly leaned forward knowing at this point he wouldn’t, couldn’t, say no. The hook was deep in his mouth and all I needed to do was jerk at the rod to catch him. My warm smile belied the true nature of our conversation. “Your dreams: more real, more excellent, more vivid than you ever imagined them before. I will show you the gift of fame, love, women, drugs, and more without the come down or the consequences. Everything you’ve ever experienced in your life will be dwarfed by what I can show you, by the dreams I will give you.”
Scott sat there as if thinking for a minute, but the decision had been made long before I finished talking. The Cheshire Cat would have been mad with glee at the grin that broke out on Andrew’s face, and I was pleased at the understanding in that smile. He thought he had conned me! He stretched out his arm across the table seeking my hand. I took it heartily. “Where do I sign?” he asked.
“You don’t, you finish your drink.”
“You finish your drink. If you would have turned my offer down you would have walked away with a partially empty glass. This, though, is the kind of deal you make over glass of whiskey, and to seal the deal you finish it.”

Andrew looked at the glass and laughed. “I’ll drink to that!” And down the hatch the contents of the glass went.

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