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Monday, March 10, 2014

Rest in Peace

Zombies trod
where angels once stood
as light fades away
in the dawn of the day
feeding on minds
to dumb down the flock
and soon we’ll all
be ready to fall

I see
the end is coming
Our innocence
fading away
Why can’t we
just think on our own
walking the line
our way

Break down all the walls
Influence is dead
Zombies walk the streets
Now the hammer falls

Trample the leaves
where flowers once stood
Intelligence dies
in the hands of consumers
The box in the room
has replaced our brain
Leaving remains
of the human within

Now our minds
are all lost
at the click
of a simple button
How did this happen
when we should answer to none

Free thinking is dead
when you can pay a dime
to be spoon-fed your thoughts

Sleep, rest in peace
in the mire you made for yourself
Rest in the thoughts
they gave you on your deathbed
Die in the thought
that you’ll never be free again
See in the end
your life is all just a lie

Is this what you wanted?
Is this what you believe?
Is there something inside you
that makes you deceived?

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